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About us

Solid and structured multi-channel organization for growth

Cerealitalia I.D. S.p.A. produces, in its two production plants in Corato (Ba) and Frigento (Av), Cereals and Chocolate under its own brand, for Private Labels and for important players in the confectionery sector, in Italy and abroad. It was born in 2013 and from 13th June 2017 it became a S.p.A. company.

Cerealitalia is active in the production of the following product categories: breakfast cereals, cereal bars, chocolate bars, Easter eggs and chocolate nougats.

Today Cerealitalia, present in 33 countries around the world, is distributed with its two main brands "Cerealitalia" (cereals) and "Duca Degli Abruzzi" (chocolate).

Cerealitalia is a multichannel company, modernly organized, solid and structured, with a management oriented towards innovation and constant growth. Equipped with international quality certifications (BRC and IFS), it produces with the latest technology, boasting the ability to efficiently meet the emerging demands of the trade both with its own brand and with the private brand.


The Mission


Ensuring top quality is a priority goal for Cerealitalia.

We choose the best raw materials, we study the best production systems, we use the most functional and safe forms of packaging, always looking for the most ecological and least polluting, with the primary objective that the product retains all its fragrance.

We check all the production phases: from doughs, to drips, cooking, fillings and decorations, to packaging, as well as to stocks in warehouses up to transport and daily deliveries.


Model 231 - Code of Ethics and General Part

The interested parties may report to the Supervisory Body any violation or suspected violation of the Code of Ethics in writing, in a non-anonymous form, to the following addresses:

  • e-mail org.vigilanza@Cerealitalia.it, or
  • by letter to CEREALITALIA I.D. Spa, Via Varderuolo 4 Corato (Ba) Cap 70033- to the a. of the President of the Supervisory Body.

The Distribution

Thanks to the know-how of its management, to the high quality of made in Italy production and to the captivating and innovative packs, Cerealitalia receives more and more the appreciation and the correct recognition of the trade and of the Italian and international consumer.

Here on the right side we indicate our main customers in Italy, where you can find our products.

Cerealitalia in the World


Albania, Cyprus, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Australia, Dominican Republic, USA, Canada, China, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Jordanian, Palestine, Taiwan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Libya, Marocco, Mauritius, Niger, Tunisia.


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